There are 27 banks owned in Australia! How do you know which bank to choose? Do your research online. You can find out a lot about a bank by the information you find there. After all, it's mostly about the numbers. See what types of bank accounts and loans they offer. Next, go into a bank and see how their customer service works. If you have to wait in a queue for 30 minutes, try another bank.


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Automatic Teller Machines are so convenient, don't you think? Find a bank that has numerous ATMs in your territory. It'll make it easier to withdraw cash without having to go to the physical bank.

Debit Cards

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You'll get a debit card when you open an account at a bank. Use your debit card for everyday purchases. The money will pull straight out of your checking account.

Credit Cards

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Get a credit card soon so you can have a great credit score. Money on credit cards is like free cash – until you have to pay it back at the end of the month!


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Get a loan from a bank if you need money for a car, house, or schooling. Another reason to get a loan is not good, since you'll have to pay back more than you borrowed.

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